Liberals Assail Clinton Position On COPS, Crack Sentences


The Justice Policy Institute, a liberal advocacy organization, has accused Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of ignoring “critical research” saying that investments in employment, education, housing and treatment for those who need it is the most effective and fiscally-responsible way to improve public safety. The group was critical of her proposal to revive former President Clinton’s COPS program of federal support for hiring local police officers. The institute argued that such an approach “would increase prison populations, and may have a negative impact on the nation’s poor and minorities, without significantly reducing crime.”

Another critic, Ronald Hampton of the National Black Police Association, said, “We’ve tried to win the war on gangs with law enforcement alone, but we have little to show for it.” Liberals also criticized Clinton for opposing the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s decision to make retroactive the changes to sentencing for the thousands of people who had received disproportionately long sentences for crack cocaine.


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