Clinton To Propose “COPS 2.0” Plan To Add More Officers


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will unveil a $4 billion anti-crime proposal today in which she vows to reduce city murder rates by 50 percent within five years, put an additional 100,000 cops on the streets, and shrink prison populations. McClatchy Newspapers say Clinton will outline her plan in a speech in Philadelphia, where there were 392 homicides last year. Her plan is mix of policies created during Bill Clinton’s presidency and new ideas like anti-gang initiatives.

“At its core, my agenda is about responsibility,” Clinton will say. “It’s about the federal government living up to its responsibility to help restore order in our communities, pave the way for economic development and new jobs, and help our families feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods.” Clinton would create what she dubs COPS 2.0, a revamp of President Clinton’s program that aimed to add 100,000 police officers to the nation’s law enforcement ranks. The new plan would differ from President Clinton’s by focusing on “intelligence-led policing” that would target the most serious threats and dangerous criminals. The anti-gang initiative will be modeled on programs developed in cities like Boston, Chicago, and Cincinnati, where police work closely with community leaders to discourage gang activity.


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