MA Sees Uptick in Machete Attacks; Weapon Is Unregulated


An increase in machete attacks in cities across the Bay State has law enforcement officials worried about the savage weapons, which can be bought in stores for as little as $25 with no questions asked, reports the Boston Herald. Police have counted at least seven machete attacks this year. They include a daytime attack on a 15-year-old on City Hall Plaza in Boston, an after-school brawl in Lynn and a nighttime ambush on two people in Springfield. The attacks have sent nine people to the hospital with serious injuries.

Nationally, attacks have been reported against police in New York and in Connecticut, Florida and California. Unlike firearms and certain swords and blades, sales of machetes are not regulated. State law carries a 2- to 5-year prison term for anyone convicted of carrying a stiletto, dagger, dirk knife, switch knife, blowgun, blackjack, metallic knuckles, nunchaku, zoobow, kung fu sticks or a manrikigusari. Machetes aren't on the list. On Friday, a Herald reporter was able to purchase a sharp machete with an 18-inch blade for $25 at an Army & Navy store in Boston, without any questions asked.


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