A Look At Ex-Inmate Programs Second Chance Act May Help


As expected, President Bush signed the Second Chance Act yesterday that authorizes federal aid for prisoner re-entry programs. St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist Ruben Rosario takes a look at how some ex-inmates are faring on a local level. Andre Corbett, 27, of Minneapolis, served more than five years in state prison on an aggravated robbery conviction. Now helping ex-inmates, he is what Bush described yesterday as one of the “members of the armies of compassion.”

Corbett took up vocational programs while in lock-up and landed a job with a social service agency after release. Now he works as an “employment readiness consultant.” At the time of Bush’s bill signing, Corbett was lecturing a recent batch of ex-offenders on honing interviewing, résumé, and workplace performance skills. Another ex-con had taken in $100,000 pushing heroin. Now, he says: “I made 12 cents an hour in prison (sewing T-shirts and other clothing). I’m making about $10 an hour now, but I don’t have to look over my shoulder. And I filed taxes as a free man for the first time this year.”

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