Blacks Four Times More Likely to Be Arrested in NE Traffic Stops


Blacks were more likely than people of other races to be arrested after a traffic stop in Nebraska in 2007, according to a state report of racial profiling that showed few overall changes from the previous year. Although 4.5 percent of all drivers were arrested after stops, 20 percent of blacks that were stopped were arrested, said the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. Among other races, 10 percent of American Indians and 8.9 percent of Hispanics were arrested after traffic stops. Asians (2.1 percent) and whites (3.1 percent) were least likely to be arrested but were most likely to receive written warnings, reports the Associated Press.

The commission's findings were drawn from a summary of data on more than 460,000 arrests last year. The commission noted that the number of Nebraska State Patrol stops involving Asian, black and Hispanic drivers was lower than the proportion of those groups in the general population, a first-time finding that executive director Michael Behm called “encouraging.”


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