VA Tech To Block Gun-Control Event On Massacre Anniversary


Virginia Tech will not allow a national gun-control advocacy group to hold a campus demonstration on April 16 while the school commemorates last year’s massacre, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Tech spokesman Larry Hincker said neither the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence nor the co-sponsor of the planned demonstration.

The demonstration at Tech was supposed to be the centerpiece of a nationwide series of Brady Campaign events on April 16 in more than 70 cities and towns. A spokesman said that students and friends of last year’s shooting victims are among those who want to participate in the demonstration, “so, I’m sure where there’s a will, there’s a way without breaking any rules.” The planned demonstration called for individuals to lie down in groups of 32 — to recall the 32 victims of gunman Seung-Hui Cho — for a few minutes. The brevity of the “lie-in” is meant to highlight how quickly a gun can be purchased. The Brady Campaign wants Congress to mandate background checks of buyers at gun shows. Tech is marking the shootings on April 16 with a long ceremony.


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