Biehl, After Stint On Cincinnati Gun Crime, Named Dayton Chief


Becoming a police officer “was not part of my life plan,” said Richard Biehl, the new police chief of Dayton, OH, says the Dayton Daily News. He got into it in the 1970s when he caught a shoplifter as a department store salesman. Biehl, 55, who rose through the ranks of the Cincinnati Police Deparment, likes to talk policing philosophy and strategy.

Biehl worked on Ceasefire Cincinnati, a gun violence suppression program launched in 2006. Biehl says that homicides in Cincinnati have fallen from a modern high of 85 in 2006 to 67 last year. As of March, Dayton’s sworn law enforcement officers numbered 415; the ranks have been declining over the years. There are 35 black police officers on the force and seven members of other ethnic minority groups. That’s under 10 percent in a city 43 percent black.


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