Audit: S.F. Got $5.4 Million Wrongly For Border-Crime Cases


San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris is trying “to get to the bottom” of how her office obtained millions of dollars from a grant program for prosecution of border crimes that federal auditors have concluded the city had no right to receive, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Federal officials said Harris had received $5.4 million since 2004 intended to reimburse local jurisdictions for prosecuting crimes on behalf of federal authorities. In 2006, the $3.7 million San Francisco received from the Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative was the most of any county in four states that border Mexico.

The U.S. Justice Department inspector general concluded that none of the money that went to San Francisco was justified because Harris’ office prosecuted no cases that fit the program’s criteria. The federal government is demanding that the city return the money. San Francisco submitted a list of 2,241 cases to support grant applications over three years but federal authorities said none was a valid border-crime prosecution, noting that they had not referred to Harris’ office from the U.S. attorney for Northern California.


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