MO Corrections Director Cites Failings After Murder


Missouri corrections director Larry Crawford got a sympathetic ear from legislators looking into why his department didn’t offer sex-offender treatment to an admitted sexual sadist years before he allegedly raped and murdered a woman, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Crawford described his department as overworked, underfunded and using “extremely antiquated” computers to manage massive caseloads. He provided photos of parole files piled high on desks and boxes overflowing into an employee break room.

The Post-Dispatch reported that the state repeatedly missed chances to get sex-offender treatment for Brian Walters, a convicted burglar, years before he was accused of the killing. e A parole officer asked the state Board of Probation and Parole to make Walters get sex-offender treatment and to monitor him more closely. The board never offered or required the treatment. Because Walters was not a convicted sex offender, he had not been required to complete Missouri’s months-long prison-based sex-offender program. Crawford is studying whether it can require other types of offenders to take the treatment.


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