Gun Control May Become an Issue in PA Presidential Politics


Chad Ramsey, the associate director of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, says each of the three presidential candidates has, to some degree, supported the center’s efforts to regulate the gun trade. That hasn’t been the case in an election year for a long time, says the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Kim Stolfer says gun rights advocates such as himself shouldn’t seriously consider Democratic Sens. Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, but added he has concerns about Republican Sen. John McCain.

Still, Ramsey said, when the Democratic Party picks a nominee to face McCain, “I think there will be plenty of stark differences between them.” Those differences could become an issue in the battle for Pennsylvania’s 21 electoral votes in November. Although gun control hasn’t occupied much time in the Democratic primary race between Clinton and Obama, Ramsey said that will change. Gun control issues are always on the state electorate’s mind to some degree. About 1 million hunters make Pennsylvania first in the nation in the amount of time its citizens spend hunting each year. The National Rifle Association says Pennsylvania has one of the highest per-capita memberships among states.


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