Chicago Students Rally Against Run of Deadly Gun Violence


Chicago public officials rallied for tougher gun laws Tuesday in the wake of yet another teen shooting, but of the nearly 1,000 public school students who joined them, many said the solutions are more complicated. In the chanting, sign-waving crowd, Corine Minniefield, a high school junior, said school officials need to get truants and drop-outs back in the classroom and that police need to tighten up their protection. “I’m just tired of turning on the news and seeing my people get killed. I can’t go to no more funerals. I’m tired of going to funerals,” Minniefield, 18, told the Chicago Tribune.

That fatigue was a regular theme as students gathered in a cold mist outside the building where many state of Illinois offices are housed. Violence has claimed the lives of the 22 district students so far this school year, 20 of them by gun violence, a tally that does not include dropouts such as Shannon Brown, a former student who died hours before the rally, after a shooting on the Far South Side. Although not all the students agreed tougher gun laws would stem the violence, they think something must be done.


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