NYC Prosecutor, Mothers Go After Gang Paraphernalia


Brooklyn mothers are taking a stand against violent street gangs and stores that sell sports memorabilia in gang colors and styles, the New York Daily News reports. “Our communities are severely plagued by gang activity,” said the Rev. Lydia Mendoza of Mothers Against Gangs. “They no longer hide. There’s a lot of gang-related deaths going on, and we cannot as a community continue to tolerate it.” The mothers were organized by District Attorney Charles Hynes’ office. One of the group’s goals is to stand up to sports stores that peddle gang regalia to gang members and unsuspecting youths.

“It’s not against the law to sell this stuff. [] It’s the knowledge of to whom they’re selling it that worries me,” Hynes said. “A kid will buy one of these hats unknowingly and he’ll walk out and get beat up or even more seriously, murdered.” Local sports stores were supposed to yank products like red paisley Yankees hats, which appeal to the Bloods, off shelves last August, but they were still widely available when Hynes’ detectives and a reporter went shopping for the stuff last week.


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