Residents Of L.A. Gang Area Skeptical About Real Reform


It has been a month and a day since a gunman opened fire on two men stepping off a bus in south Los Angeles. He missed his targets, as far as investigators can determine, but hit eight other people, all innocents. They included five kids, students walking home from school, says the Los Angeles Times. Police have charged a member of the Four Trey Crip gang, 24, with the crime. The gunman’s intended victims, investigators believe, were probably Bloods, perhaps members of a branch called AFC, or “All for Crime.”

The shooting shocked the city, but around the neighborhood where it happened, most say it was an aberration only that the outside world noticed. Residents say they can predict everything that will happen now. There will be community meetings, calls for reform: for jobs,, mentoring, after-school programs. Solemn promises will be made. Police will put more cars on the streets. Violence will ebb. Then, before real change can take root, the city’s attention will begin to drift, and a new cycle will begin. “Danger. Every day, danger,” said Diva LaVerde, 59, proprietor of a local beauty salon.


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