IN Judge Quashes Subpoena For Reporter’s Notes In Murders


An Indianapolis judge quashed a subpoena by prosecutors for a reporter’s notes of a talk with a suspect in a major murder case, the Indianapolis Star reports. Prosecutors sought notes of an interview by Indianapolis Star reporter Vic Ryckaert of Jasper Frazier, who was charged in the case. Frazier, 36, said he was in a house Jan. 14 when two mothers and their two young children were fatally shot, but did not kill them.

“We printed essentially what the person told us,” said Star editor Dennis Ryerson. “We wouldn’t have done our jobs if we hadn’t printed the totality of the subject’s comments in such an incredibly important case.” Frazier is among five men facing charges. Prosecutors may appeal the subpoena ruling. Said a spokesman: “This is one of those rare cases where prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed that a piece of evidence should be discovered. It’s our belief that eventually it will be.”


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