CCA Sued Over Inmate Ear Rip-Off At Tennessee Prison


An inmate whose ear was ripped off during an attack by another prisoner has sued the Corrections Corporation of America, which The Tennessean is describing as “the embattled Nashville-based prison operator.” Kevin Swafford says his ear couldn’t be reattached because it had not been properly packed in ice, the staff was negligent, and his civil rights were violated in the attack a year ago in a Tennessee prison.

CCA runs more than 60 facilities nationwide. The treatment of inmates and the way CCA operates its prisons have reached the national spotlight in recent months, says The Tennessean. At Nashville’s Metro Detention Facility, also run by CCA, a man didn’t shower for nine months, an inmate beat his cellmate to death, and a prisoner escaped through the air vents. In Texas, CCA settled with the American Civil Liberties Union over the lack of child care at a detention center it runs. Children were forced to sit by their parents as they conferred with attorneys, often having to hear brutal tales of rape and torture.


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