MO Man Accused Of Raping, Killing Editor Had Said He Needed Help


The man accused of raping and killing a retired St. Louis Post-Dispatch editor had told a parole officer that he fantasized about sexually assaulting and killing women,but authorities offered him no treatment, even while he was incarcerated, the newspaper reports. A few days after convicted burglar Brian Walters’ second release from prison, he attacked editor Nancy Miller, raped her and fatally stabbed her, authorities allege. The Missouri Department of Corrections refused to discuss the case.

In an earlier case against Walters, St. Louis County prosecutors could have raised the issue of sex offender treatment to a judge; corrections officials say the treatment halves the likelihood of a repeat sex offense. While state law requires treatment for those convicted of sex offenses, prosecutor J.D. Evans said the court has no authority to order it for others. That’s up to prison officials to decide. In 2003, a parole officer said Walters had said “he has a [sexual] problem and needs help.” The officer asked the state parole board to reclassify Walters as a sex offender and to order Walters to get sex offender treatment, but neither was done. Maryland Heights, Mo., Police Chief Tom O’Connor, a published expert on sex offenders, was taken aback that the offender’s own words were not heeded. “My God, it is such a classical statement of a sexual predator,” he said. “Where does (the parole officer’s report) go to, just lie there in their file?”


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