New Chicago Police Leader Issues “Core Values” Statement


Chicago Police Superintendent. Jody Weis has issued a new “core values” statement, one of a handful of big changes he has made since taking over the department Feb. 1, the Chicago Tribune reports. “We want to ensure that every police officer knows, accepts and displays the tenets that define what a Chicago police officer should be,” Weis said. The statement will be taught to new recruits at the training academy and given to officers at roll calls and at police stations.

The core values follow the acronym POLICE: professionalism, obligation, leadership, integrity, courage and excellence. The new mission statement gives the department something to measure itself by, said University of Chicago law Prof. Craig Futterman, who has filed lawsuits alleging misconduct by officers. “I actually think stuff like this is incredibly important,” Futterman said. “It’s more than symbolic. That statement is supposed to define who they are and what they do. ”


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