Anti-Meth Video “Crystal Darkness” To Air In 5th TV Market


Next week, six Sacramento-area TV stations will simultaneously air an anti-meth documentary commerical free The Sacramento Bee says the city will be the fifth market to air “Crystal Darkness,” which deal with the use and abuse of meth, and how it affects families, taxes law enforcement and impacts the entire community. “Crystal Darkness” used interviews with addicts from all walks of life, graphic images of the damage done and sobering violent-crime statistics. It also provided a toll-free number for people to get help.

The program that originally ran on all Reno, Nv., stations proved so popular, says producer Mike Reynolds, that other communities sought localized versions of the documentary. Producers spent a week in January interviewing inmates in Sacramento-area jails. “As soon as they mentioned the topic, I was on board,” said one local TV station executive. “Yes, we’re taking off ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and ‘Judge Judy,’ which does huge (ratings). But we’ll figure out how to get the advertisers committed to these shows to understand.”


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