Boston Mayor Latest To Seek Ban On Video Game Sales To Minors


Boston Mayor Thomas Menino wants to outlaw sales of violent video games to minors, a controversial crackdown plan that's drawing the ire of teen players and the gaming industry, the Boston Herald reports. Teens 17 and under “should not be sold this stuff, so they are not getting into the hands of 9- and 10-year-olds,” said Larry Mayes, city chief of human services. Gaming advocates call Menino's move unconstitutional, citing nine federal court rulings rejecting similar bids in recent years.

Menino's call comes as Boston and Brockton are dealing with much bloodshed on city streets. Louisiana's attempt to ban the sale of violent video games to minors was stopped in 2006, when a judge blocked implementation of the statute. Said Dennis McCauley of, a blog for the gamer advocate Entertainment Consumers' Association: “There is no other form of media that is restricted in this way. We don't believe that a 10-year-old should be playing Grand Theft Auto, but it really is the parent's responsibility to decide what the child should and shouldn't play.”


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