VIDMIC Used By 180 Police Agencies To Record Incidents


Some Oklahoma police departments and county sheriff’s departments state are equipping officers with the VIDMIC, a device that can record audio and video and take still pictures, reports The Oklahoman. The device is clipped on the officer’s shoulder, much like the shoulder microphones most officers wear. “I’m sitting here thinking there’s got to be a downside, but there really isn’t,” said Catoosa School District Police Chief Kevin McKim. “I can’t think of a negative for it. It reduces the amount of frivolous lawsuits, reduces an agency’s liability and reduces court appearance time for officers. If somebody makes a complaint, we’re able to review it and handle it immediately.”

The device is cheaper than a dashboard camera, which is good only if an officer is in or near a patrol car. The recording device costs about $600. Video can be downloaded to a computer and reviewed. Each device can record audio and video for about three hours, said Mike Marshall of EHS Inc., a Utah-based company that makes the VIDMIC. The recording device began selling five months ago and so far, 180 law enforcement agencies worldwide are using it. The recording devices are being used by police departments in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, San Diego and Miami.


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