NY Governor’s Federal Crime Demands Resignation: Newsday


New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer must resign because of his “tawdry rendezvous – in fact, probably many of them – with a hooker,” says Newsday in an editorial. Fifteen months ago, he was the chief legal officer of the state. Hiring a call girl was not only against the law, but procuring her to cross state lines turned the $4,300 evening into a federal crime. Spitzer, 48, “is either viciously self-destructive or pathologically arrogant, believing he wouldn’t be caught,” Newsday says. (The New York Times said Spitzer is expected to resign.)

Newsday says that Spitzer cannot play the odds, as he has with at “Troopergate” case in which his aides were accused of misusing the state police to embarrass a political rival. This time, federal investigators caught him in a wiretap, red-handed, in telephone calls to the Emperors Club VIP to negotiate payment details. The busy governor was working out who pays for a prostitute’s use of the hotel minibar. The “shocking, sordid revelation and his pitiful apology” shows that “no more state business can be done with Spitzer at the helm,” concludes the newspaper.

Link: http://www.newsday.com/news/opinion/ny-amywrite5608195mar11,0,4202427.story

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