Newark Police Director Suspends Police Chief


Newark Police Chief Anthony Campos was suspended yesterday for five days after a dispute with Newark Police Director Garry McCarthy about who had authority to make personnel moves in the department, reports the Newark Star-Ledger. McCarthy reportedly had been seeking to suspend Campos since Friday, when the chief overturned McCarthy’s routine transfer of more than two dozen officers.

The rare disciplinary action — the first of a Newark police chief in more than 20 years, came after a meeting yesterday afternoon between McCarthy and Mayor Cory Booker. Campos is paid $140,870 annually will continue to receive his pay during the suspension. Campos’ decision to overturn McCarthy’s transfers was sparked by a disagreement between McCarthy and Booker’s chief of staff, Pablo Fonseca, who has demanded to be consulted on personnel moves in the police department. The dispute highlights a common disagreement in many New Jersey municipalities that have both a civilian police director and a sworn police chief.


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