Declining Neighborhood Site Of Memphis Home Massacre


Memphis residents described to the Commercial Appeal newspaper the decline of the city’s Binghamton neighborhood, where six people were killed and three children were injured in a house this week. Some victims were shot. Some stabbed. No one is sure when.

Some areas in the community are run down, overgrown, boarded up, and crime ridden. Some houses are pristine with mowed lawns and fresh paint. Residents complain that low-rent motels brought in prostitution and other crime. People said the neighborhood has suffered. None of the neighbors knew much about the people who died in the house. Not even their names. Elargie Watson doesn’t know his next-door neighbor. He put a can of food out for a black guard dog. Watson, 62, retired from Sears, stays out of his neighbors’ business, keeps his eyes to himself. He carries a gun. “I’ve got a permit for it,” he said.


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