Ex-TX Drug Cop Issues New DVD On Avoiding Pot Arrests


Barry Cooper, a 38-year-old fast-talking former narcotics cop, is best known for changing sides in the war on drugs in 2006, when he released Never Get Busted Again, a DVD offering marijuana users advice on how to avoid arrest during traffic stops. Today, says the Dallas Morning News, Cooper begins shipping a new title, Never Get Raided, which teaches viewers how to buy, sell, and grow pot without going to jail. He also gives tips for identifying undercover officers.

Warns Richard Dickson, who served with Cooper on the West Texas Permian Basin Drug Task Force in the mid-1990s: “That kind of information affects all kinds of undercover agents. It puts all kinds of operations at risk, even on homeland security issues.” Cooper advocates drug legalization. If the laws changed, he said, addicts would receive better treatment, drug-fueled crime would plummet and illegal drug empires would collapse. It is similar to an argument from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a 10,000-member organization of former judges, prosecutors, federal agents and police officers that opposes the war on drugs. “We don’t agree philosophically at all on these issues,” said Jack Cole, executive director and a 14-year undercover officer for the New Jersey State Police. “He thinks he should be able to school people on how to break the law, we believe in changing the law.”

Link: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/030308dnmetroguecop.3967790.html

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