Shotguns Make A Comeback Among NYC Criminals


For the first time in seven years, shotguns are among the most popular weapons of New York City criminals, says the New York Daily News. Federal data show that 394 shotguns were seized from thugs in the city last year – making the weapon the fourth most popular gun among criminals. Handguns are still city criminals’ favored weapon. Some 3,260 of the 5,913 firearms taken from city crooks were semiautomatic pistols. Revolvers were second on the list of seized guns with 1,637 traced by the feds. Unlike handguns, shotguns can be bought legally in counties just outside the city without a permit or an extensive background check. They typically sell for $200 or less.

The total number of guns seized across the city in 2007 fell 16 percent from the previous year, but was roughly the same as 2003 and 2004.


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