Newark Mayor Says Crime Problem Is Receding


Until Tuesday night, it had been 43 days without a killing in Newark after a year that tested the city’s squad of 11 investigators with 99 homicides, including last summer's high-profile killings of three college students in a schoolyard, reports the New York Times.

The streak was bound to end. The homicide detectives, and the commanders and politicians they work for, say these past six weeks were not some bit of random luck but real dividends of a revamped policing strategy, and that Newark may finally have turned a corner on crime. During the lull in homicides, other measures of violent crime have also fallen, including shootings and rapes, though assaults are up. “There is hope in the city of Newark,” Mayor Cory Booker said yesterday. “Our city is one of the pace setters in our nation for turning around the violent crime problem.”


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