MO Wants To Use Probation/Parole Fee To Modernize Computers


For nearly two years, the Missouri Department of Corrections has required people on probation and parole to pay $30 each month to an “intervention fee” for things like substance abuse and mental health treatment. KOLR-TV News in Springfield needed to pay $248 under the state Sunshine Law to get information about the program. As of mid-October 2006 the fund had brought in over $24 million. Only $6.6 million of it has been spent.

Missouri Corrections Director Larry Crawford is asking legisaltors to appropriate $10.5 million for a new computer system for the department, and $2.5 million for notebook computers for probation and parole officers. Some of the funds go to electronic monitoring and things like vehicle maintenance, food for staff meetings and state employee salaries. The state pays a Chicago ten percent to collect the Intervention Fee. People on probation and parole in Missouri have paid the Illinois company about $2.7 million.


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