Chicago’s Weis Suspends CompStat-Like Commanders’ Meetings


New Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis has postponed indefinitely weekly meetings of more than 100 police officials to discuss trouble spots around the city while he evaluates if there is a more efficient way to implement crime-fighting strategies, reports the Chicago Tribune. The meetings were a visible centerpiece in former Superintendent Philip Cline’s crime strategy, started in 2003 with the creation of the Deployment Operations Center, a crime-analysis unit partly credited with reducing murders and crime in the city in recent years. The center, modeled after the CompStat system in New York, helped top brass quickly evaluate where and why crime was happening in the city and where specialized units should be deployed to quell “hot spots.”

More than 100 top department officials, as well as visiting departments and outreach groups like CeaseFire, attended the meetings. Weekly crime trends were displayed on large video screens, and commanders and deputy chiefs were often put on the spot to answer why crime was up in a particular area and what they were doing about it. The meetings were often lengthy, and sources said some in the department criticized what was sometimes seen as heavily bureaucratic meetings.


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