TN Man Arrested 416 Times; Life Sentence 5 Days At A Time?


A Nashville man, arrested for his 416th time, will be out of jail in less than a year, reports WKRN-TV. Andy Davis, 60, was most recently arrested for pulling a box cutter on an undercover officer decoy. Since 1982, Davis has been arrested, on an array of offenses, 416 times, prompting many to wonder how someone will be and was allowed back on the streets. Said police commander Andy Garrett: “The biggest frustrating thing is the amount of resources I have to commit on this one person that has an extensive criminal history where I could be proactive in another area.

Davis is one of many career criminals, arrested time and time again for mostly petty crimes. “We cannot just stop crime by arrests only. We can’t arrest away the problem,” said Garrett. Said prosecutor Mindy Morris: “It is a revolving door. I don’t know what the solution is. I mean some people are just, they’re doing life sentences five days at a time.” So far this year Davis has faced nine charges.


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