Detroit Mayor Says City Needs 500 More Police Officers


Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick told the City Council that the city is short about 500 cops and is struggling to find ways to better protect citizens, reports the Detroit News. “Everyplace is a hot spot,” said Kilpatrick, noting that even the safest neighborhoods are sandwiched between communities with high crime rates.

The mayor said union work rules affect the way cops are deployed. More officers could be on the streets if the union didn’t require some of them to stay at the station. He also said violent crime is down. He added that the city is struggling to find new officers — especially those who are black or are Detroiters — because they can’t pass the drug test for marijuana. “If you can’t stop for 10 days, we don’t want you driving a truck or carrying a gun,” Kilpatrick said. Police spokesman James Tate said between 35 and 40 cadets enter the police academy monthly.


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