NYC Prosecutor Reopens Murder Case After News Story


The Manhattan District Attorney has reopened a two-decade-old murder case now that details have surfaced casting serious doubt over the 1989 murder conviction of former Brooklyn resident Lebrew Jones, reports City Limits in New York City. Once a security guard, now an inmate, Jones may get a second chance at justice because the irregularities in his case became too glaring for authorities to ignore.

The case was reopened a year ago after journalist Christine Young – whose path crossed Jones’ on the eve of his murder trial – articulated her nagging doubts to the Manhattan DA's office. Last month, Young published an exhaustive account of the murder, trial, conviction, and her own involvement in her newspaper, the Times Herald-Record in Middletown, N.Y. The dramatic tale made an impact in journalistic circles – and among criminal justice advocates. For the latter group the Jones case, coupled with the recent DNA-based exonerations of several wrongfully convicted men, underscores the need to modernize how the New York police and the city's five district attorney's offices preserve crime scene evidence.


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