Despite Protection Order, Teacher Stabbed In Front Of Class


In another story illustrating the pitfalls of restraining orders in domestic violence cases, a teacher in a Portsmouth, Ohio, Catholic school was stabbed and possibly shot by her estranged husband in front of her fith-grade class yesterday, reports the Columbus Dispatach. William “Mike” Layne, 56, dropped a gun, drove to his home, and shot himself to death with a shotgun. His teacher wife Christi, 53, was expected to survive.

The teacher was divorcing her husband and had obtained a protection order against him last month. A neighbor said Layne “snapped” after the couple separated in September after 34 years of marriage and began acting erratically. A civil protection order said Layne must not come within 100 feet of his wife. Layne had told her to tell their son “that he will see him in hell and it will be sooner than he thinks.”


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