Weis, Outsider Heading Chicago Police, Must Win Over Veterans


Jody Weis has been sworn in as Chicago’s police superintendent, taking on the seemingly contradictory tasks of showing the public he is serious about rooting out bad cops while convincing the department’s 13,000 officers that he has their back, reports the Chicago Tribune. The career FBI agent and supervisor said he is considering how to improve accountability, including a panel that would review police shootings to see whether they could have been avoided by better training or different procedures.

Weis’ major internal task will be winning over police veterans as he learns how to negotiate the politics of the sprawling department. Acknowledging the delicacy of his outsider status, Weis said that he will wear a police uniform only on ceremonial occasions. Echoing Mayor Richad Daley, Weis called the recent scandals in the Special Operations Section and videotaped incidents of off-duty officers beating bar patrons the work of a few bad apples and not a systemic problem, as some critics have alleged.

Link: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-jody-weisfeb02,1,817566.story

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