WA Prosecutor Tries To Halt Inmate’s Public Record Requests


Allan Parmelee, an arsonist imprisoned for firebombing the cars of two lawyers is filing hundreds of requests under the Washington State Public Records Act to dig up information on the judges, lawyers, and corrections officers who helped put him in prison, the Associated Press reports. A prosecutor has taken the extraordinary step of asking a judge not only to let his office ignore Parmelee’s pending requests, but to bar him from filing any more. Judge Glenna Hall heard arguments this week in the case, which tests the limits of the disclosure law. King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said Parmelee “has a long history of using the Public Records Act to try and intimidate and harass my deputies and other criminal justice system employees.”

Several of his recent requests seek information about everyone in Satterberg’s office, including photos and personnel records of three deputy prosecutors who handled his cases. He’s also seeking video or other electronic images of two Superior Court judges — including the one who sentenced him to 24 years — and two court commissioners. Michele Earl-Hubbard, a Seattle open-government lawyer, said agencies can’t decide to release public information to one person and not another. The state can prosecute Parmelee if he uses the information to harass or stalk people from prison, she said. “The reality is, Parmelee won’t get those (exempt) records,” she said. “Why stop him from having the right to ask?”

Link: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2008-02-01-2485384478_x.htm

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