Utah Law Enforcement Agencies Join Crimereports.com


Utah law enforcement agencies hope that providing daily crime information on the Web site www.crimereports.com will arm communities with data to protect their neighborhoods, said Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. “Knowledge is power,” Shurtleff said. Fifteen police and sheriff’s agencies in Utah have already begun sharing their crime information, which is plotted and mapped on the site. In the coming weeks, 38 agencies are expected to use the system, said Greg Whisenant, president and CEO of Public Engines, a firm that operates the Web site.

Information generated daily by law enforcement agencies, such as the date, address and type of a crime, is entered into a database. Access to the Crime Reports.com is free to the public, which can view graphics of crime statistics or set up an account to receive e-mail messages notifying them after a crime occurs in their neighborhood. There is no cost for police agencies to post their information on the site for a year. Afterward, agencies are charged a monthly fee based on the size of the population the agency serves. Agencies serving more than 50,000 people pay $199 per month, while those below 50,000 people pay $99.

Link: http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_8126161

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