Gun Control Group Ranks State Laws; Calls CA Best


Officials in most states have done little to keep criminals and other dangerous people from easily obtaining guns, contends the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The organization issued state “scorecards” yesterday. Two-thirds of states scored fewer than 20 points out of 100. The scorecards rank states across five major categories of laws: curbing firearm trafficking; strengthening Brady background checks; child safety; banning military-style assault weapons; and making it harder to carry guns in public places.

State-by-state scores are available in category-by-category detail at States like Arizona, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Utah have no laws on the books to combat firearm trafficking effectively or to prevent dangerous people from gaining easy access to guns. The state with the strongest gun laws is California with 79 points, followed by New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maryland. California last year enacted a Crime Gun Identification Act to require new semi-automatic handguns to be fitted with “microstamping” technology to help law enforcement identify crime guns and armed criminals.


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