Baltimore Forum Discusses Sequel To “Stop Snitching” DVD


The sequel to the infamous Stop Snitching DVD and its implied message is part of a larger code of silence, says Tyrone Powers, an education and political activist, according to the Baltimore Sun. Powers told a forum last night that drug dealers and murderers should not be singled out, and that there need to be whistleblowers in all walks of life, willing to expose politicians, police officers, and clergy. Rodney Bethea, the video’s producer, was scheduled to attend but did not show up.

The impetus for the meeting was the sequel to Stop Snitching, the DVD released by Bethea three years ago as an underground, profanity-laced ode to street life that became a local political prop and a national emblem of Baltimore’s crime problems. Last month, Bethea announced that he was releasing the sequel, Stop Snitching 2, through his Urly Media Web site. At 54 minutes, it is half as long as the original but features much of the rough-cut montage of street scenes and anti-law enforcement rants. Bethea has said the term doesn’t apply to “the little old lady on the block” who calls the police about a drug deal. He said snitches are people engaging in and profiting from illegal activities who, after they get arrested, tell on everyone else they know to save themselves.


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