‘Goth Bonnie and Clyde’ Accused in $7M Armored Car Heist


It was a theft so large and brazen that even law enforcement officials admit some admiration for it, reports the New York Times. One suspect, the authorities say, spent nine months working for an armored car company, learning its employee-shift patterns and the access codes for its safes. By the police account, he and his girlfriend waited until the Monday after Thanksgiving, when the year's largest receipts from retailers were in those safes, then looted them and drove to the remote hills of West Virginia. There, joined by his mother, they holed up in a mobile home they had found on a scouting trip in October, and counted their haul: $7.4 million in cash and checks.

“It sounds like a good plan, I know,” said the police chief in the town near Youngstown, Ohio, where the theft occurred on Nov. 26. “But they left a trail like Hansel and Gretel leaving the crumbs in the forest.” As a result, the young couple, whom an online true-crime site has called the Goth Bonnie and Clyde for their love of fantasy role-playing games and vampire novels, were back in Ohio on Wednesday, pleading not guilty to charges stemming from the theft. All the money has been recovered, the police say, except for a few hundred dollars.

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/24/us/24gang.html

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