Military Changes Story About Weird Lights Over Texas City


The U.S. military has owned up to having F-16 fighters in the air near Stephenville, Texas, on the night that several residents reported unusual lights in the sky. But the correction issued Wednesday doesn’t exactly turn UFOs into Identified Flying Objects, says the Dallas Morning News. Several dozen witnesses reported that they had seen unusual lights in the sky near Stephenville shortly after dusk Jan. 8. One sighting included a report that the lights were pursued by military jets. Military officials had repeatedly denied they had any flights in the area that night.

But that position changed Wednesday with a terse news release: “In the interest of public awareness, Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs realized an error was made regarding the reported training activity of military aircraft. Ten F-16s from the 457th Fighter Squadron were performing training operations from 6 to 8 p.m., Tuesday January 8, 2008, in the Brownwood Military Operating Area (MOA), which includes the airspace above Erath County.” Maj. Karl Lewis, a spokesman, blamed the erroneous release on “an internal communications error.” That still left unanswered the question of what F-16s might have been doing that would look like a line of silent, glowing spheres. Eyewitnesses say they believe the jets were pursuing the objects.


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