Chicago PD Solves One in Three Murders; ‘No Snitching’ Cited


Chicago Police detectives solved 36 percent of murders committed in Chicago last year — about the same percentage cleared in 2006. Of 443 murders committed across the city, 162 — or 36.6 percent — were cleared. Maria Maher, chief of detectives, said many Chicago murders involve gangs and narcotics, a culture not known to be forthcoming with details. “A lot of people will not cooperate with the police because it is not the thing to do,” she said.

While detectives say a “criminal’s code of honor” has long been around, the “no snitching” culture has become more prominent in recent years, celebrated in rap songs and on T-shirts. “They are trying to make it cool to not to talk to the police,” said Brian Sexton, supervisor of the Cook County State’s Attorney Gang Prosecution Unit. “There is this general distrust of police. Now they are taking it one step further and making it not cool to cooperate.”


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