Chicago Columnist Follows Up on Forgotten ‘Lady in the Lake’


Last Saturday, a young woman was found floating in Lake Michigan in Chicago. Tribune columnist Mary Schmich happened to pass by the scene. She writes, “The next day, the incident was the briefest of news briefs. People die in Chicago all the time, die inexplicably, unexpectedly, sometimes at their own hand or someone else’s, and even then it’s not always big news. But witnessing a woman’s body drawn from the icy lake made me want to know the woman.

“Her name was Robyn Bercovici. She was 27. She lived in a Gold Coast high-rise secured by a doorman, barely a block from the lake where she loved to jog. Someone who knew her told me that she had left her building last Wednesday night wearing a down coat. She’d just had her hair styled. She never came back.” Schmich goes on to profile Bercovici, drawing on the woman’s webpage.


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