Chief: Social Host Anti-Drinking Law Effective In Edmond OK


Edmond, Ok., police have arrested 71 people in the last year for violating the city’s social host ordinance. The law was written to fight underage drinking by making it illegal for adults to allow it on their property, reports The Oklahoman. Edmond was the first city in the state pass such a law. Oklahoma is one of 20 states with such criminal laws addressing underage drinking. There are as many as 200 U.S. communities, said the Center for the Study of Law and Enforcement Policy in Felton, Ca.

There are no more parties at Angela Morris’ apartment. Her parents made her move back home after she was arrested for violating the social host ordinance March 3, the night of her 19th birthday party. Morris said she didn’t know about the social host law the night she was arrested. “I had been to parties, and the cops just poured out the alcohol,” Morris said. “I didn’t expect to get arrested.” Said Police Chief Bob Ricks: “Edmond is a safer place today than a year ago because of the social host ordinance. I think there are fewer underage drinkers on the road. There are no downsides to it.” Edmond’s ordinance is patterned after a law in San Diego that stood up to scrutiny during several court challenges. The ordinance requires a party host to ensure underage drinking isn’t happening on the property. That includes monitoring the amount of alcohol and verifying the age of those drinking.


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