NY Daily News “Dead!” Photo To Be Featured At Newseum


The story of how the New York Daily News got “the most famous sneak shot in journalism”–a 1928 photo of New York City love triangle killer Ruth Snyder in the electric chair–will be told when the Newseum reopens in Washington, D.C., this spring near the Capitol. The Newseum’s Sharon Shahid tells the Daily News that the photo by Tom Howard was “the quintessential example of jazz journalism [] It epitomized the tabloids and how they played up these sexy, sensational stories.” The photo ran on the the front page of an “extra” edition on Jan. 13 under the headline “Dead!”

“Ruthless Ruth” and her lover were convicted of murdering her husband. Howard was a reporter from the Chicago Tribune, the Daily News’ sister paper. The News had brought him in because he was a stranger at Sing Sing, the prison where the execution took place.

Link: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2008/01/20/2008-01-20_ruthless_ruth.html

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