Bratton Gushes Over The Clintons, Giuliani


A Playboy article calling Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton “The Country's Smartest Cop.” is reviewed by veteran police columnist Leonard Levitt on The article quotes Bratton gushing over his relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton: “I'm a big fan of President Clinton and Hillary. They've done wonderful things. Bill Clinton did more about crime during the 1990s than any other president in history.” Is it any wonder, says the article, that Bratton could be on the short list to head the Department of Homeland Security or the FBI in a Hillary Clinton administration? Levitt wonders about New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who was Bill Clinton’s Treasury undersecretary and customs commissioner “It's not clear whether Hillary's administration, or anyone else's, can accommodate both him and Bratton, who have been going at each other for the past 15 years,” says Levitt.

In the Playboy article, which is not available online to nonsubscribers, Bratton sounded forgiving towards Rudy Giuliani, who fired Bratton as New York Police Commissioner in 1996 and who, as the article put it, “twice made pilgrimages to L.A. last year in thinly veiled attempts to neutralize Bratton.” Bratton says of Giuliani: “He talked about how he felt he was a changed person, having survived prostate cancer and 9/11, and since having a new wife. “He didn't seem like the angry, combative, confrontational man he once presented himself to be.” That sounds like Bratton is keeping all his options open, Levitt says.


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