Chicago Chief Weis: Workaholic With Ambitious Goals


Longtime former FBI agent Jody Weis now is Chicago’s 54th police superintendent, the first outsider to hold that job in about 50 years. “I love what I’m doing. I’m looking forward to the change,” the square-jawed exercise buff told the Chicago Sun-Times. His ambitious goals include building a new police academy; boosting supervision and cutting the number of cops assigned to police headquarters. Weis was born 50 years ago in Fort Myers, Fl., the son of a construction worker who became a mailman. His mother was a teacher’s assistant. Weis studied chemistry in college and then joined the Army.

His no-nonsense reputation ruffled some feathers in the FBI. Not only did he put in long hours and expect subordinates to do the same, he also served in the FBI office that investigates claims of misconduct against agents. “He was the ultimate bureaucrat,” said one FBI agent in Chicago. Another former colleague called him “on point all the time, very focused and very bright.” He is a workaholic — something he acknowledges. It’s one of the reasons he and his wife, Janice, a personal trainer, opted not to have children.


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