Phila. Monitor Chides School For Late Assault Report


Add this story to the periodic tales of schools’ underreporting classroom violence: A 13-year-old Philadelphia student said a classmate stabbed her with a broken pencil, poked her in the forehead, slapped her in the face, and choked her during a bullying-prevention class, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. She said she had no previous problems with the 13-year-old boy and didn’t know why he targeted her.

The school’s principal could face disciplinary action for failing to report the assault in a timely fashion. She didn’t submit a serious-incident report as required under district policy until Jan. 10, three days after the student was arrested. Safe-schools advocate Jack Stollsteimer, a state-appointed official, blasted the principal for the reporting delay and the school district for not moving the perpetrator to another school. “How can you sit there day after day and watch kids be victimized?” Stollsteimer said. Interim chief academic officer Cassandra Jones, after hearing from Stollsteimer, reminded principals of their obligation to report all serious incidents immediately, including assaults.”There is no administrative discretion in matters of assault, weapons violations, and/or any criminal activity,” she said.


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