Forgotten Inmate Spends 50 Foodless Hours In Holding Cell


A Marion County, In., courtroom deputy lost his job yesterday and two other deputies were disciplined after an inmate spent the weekend alone in a holding cell without food, the Indianapolis Star reports. James Logan, 21, weathered his two-day abandonment in a holding cell without medical problems. Logan, who was sentenced Friday to two years on drug charges, had water and toilet facilities in his cell but no access to food. His hunger caused stomach pains, he was cold and he couldn't tell whether it was night or day. Hhe banged on the cell door and yelled, but no one answered. He spent about 50 hours alone in the holding cell until Sunday afternoon, when a sheriff's deputy discovered him by chance.

Officials called the incident a mistake, but it spurred disciplinary action against three courtroom security officers. “It shouldn't happen,” said Kerry Forestal, the sheriff's chief deputy. “Serious steps have to be taken so there's no doubt that a mistake like this will cost you your job.” A deputy who locked Logan up “completely forgot,” said a sheriff's department spokesman. “He just forgot that the guy was in there.”


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