Pro-Gun Forces Lean To Fred Thompson In SC


Fred Thompson, making a last stand in South Carolina, is counting on gun owners to deliver a high-profile victory to boost his foundering presidential campaign, reports Second Amendment advocates are struggling to find a champion in the Republican presidential primary field. One study estimates that 40 percent of South Carolina’s population has hunting or fishing licenses or belong to a Second Amendment advocacy groups.

F. Hewitt Grant, who runs a gun show there, leans toward Thompson. He says he laughed at an overture from Rudy Giuliani, who as New York City mayor backed a lawsuit against gun manufacturers that is still in litigation and remains an unforgivable sin among gun advocates. John McCain, who wandered off the pro-gun reservation in the late 1990s by supporting gun control but has now come back to the fold, “wavers” too much, says Grant. Mitt Romney signed gun control legislation while Massachusetts governor.


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