PA Death-Row Exoneree Gets Multimillion-Dollar Settlement


Nicholas Yarris, a former Pennsylvania death-row inmate who spent 22 years in prison before DNA tests exonerated him of a 1981 murder and rape has reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with Delaware County, Pa., where he was prosecuted, reports the Philadelphis Inquirer. Yarris, 46, spent 8,057 days awaiting execution before he was released four years ago this month. He was the first from Pennsylvania’s death row to be cleared by DNA tests.

“It was very, very difficult, but now it seems like it all came full circle – all because I stayed positive,” said Yarris, who has written a book, Seven Days to Live My Life, that will be published in July, and is working on a movie deal. “The settlement in this case was made, over my strenuous objection, by the insurance carrier without the consent or approval of those who prosecuted this case,” said Dennis McAndrews, who helped prosecute Yarris.


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