Cleveland Mayor Expects Deadly Police-Drug Dealer Run-Ins


Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson doesn’t want to see more deadly car chases and shootouts between cops and suspects, but under his new police plan, he expects them, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Jackson told police this week to be more aggressive in targeting gun-toting drug dealers. He expects there to be violent, perhaps deadly, run-ins between police and criminals. “This is not a game,” Jackson said. “People are killing each other. We expect more confrontations.”

A defense lawyer worries that the cornerstone of Jackson’s plan — pairing police with federal agents to confront criminals carrying guns — will result in police indiscriminately going after young black men. “What troubled me is the idea that police officers can tell who is concealing a weapon,” said attorney Terry Gilbert, who has sued police officers, claiming they violated people’s civil rights. “It usually centers on African-American youths congregating on street corners,” he said. “You can’t just go up to people and shake them down.”


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